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  • Caramel pelable sans colophane
  • Bambou avec bandes sans colophane
    • Out-of-Stock
  • Lait Grenadine cartouche sans colophane
  • Coco Bikini pelable sans colophane

    Coco Bikini Stripless wax...

    Breathe its delicious fragrance and go relax on a beach in the Brazil. 

    Peel wax without Rosin

    • white color
    • Perfume Coco
    • texture smooth, creamy and comfortable
    • excellent adhesion to the even finest hairs

     Perfect for all small sensitive areas like the Jersey, underarms and face

    Bag 800 g pellets

    Decreasing price per quantity

  • Lotion Pré-Dépil
    • Out-of-Stock

    Pre lotion (500ml)

  • Spatules bois pour visage
    • Out-of-Stock

    Spatules bois pour visage...

  • Lait Grenadine cartouche sans colophane


  • Coco Bikini avec bandes sans colophane
  • Coco Bikini cartouche sans colophane
    • Out-of-Stock
  • MA DAME cartouche sans colophane
  • Lait Grenadine cartouche sans colophane


  • MA DAME cartouche sans colophane
    • Out-of-Stock

    5G Stripless wax...

    Peelable wax with Calendula without Rosin 

    a new generation of white wax, odor-free an ultra gentle epilation for efficiency and ease of exceptional application to the State of the art.

     texture creamy, extremely flexible

    • very comfort of use

    For all areas of the body and especially the more sensitive 

     Bag 800 g pellets

  • Spatules bois
    • Out-of-Stock

    Spatules bois SPA204

  • Huile Post-Dépil à la rose musquée

    Rosehip Oil (500ml)


  • Copacabana avec bandes sans colophane
  • Lait Grenadine pelable sans colophane