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Girl in the Plural - Our posters


To order these posters we ask you to contribute to the transport costs of 8 euros

Indeed the posters are shipped separately in specific packaging.

Please note: when placing your order, choose only 1 poster

Want one more? tell us the name of this additional poster in the comments at the end of your order.

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  • Poster Once upon a time...

    Poster "Once upon a time Girl in the Plural"

    size 610 X 910 mm

  • Poster Poupoupidou The...

    Poster "Poupoupidou The Fabulous"

    size 500 x 600mm

  • Coco Bikini Poster

    Poster "Coco Bikini"

    size 500 X 700 mm

    This poster is offered to you.

    The displayed price is a participation in the transport costs for the expedition.