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Fille au Pluriel - Our disposable accessories for PERFECT hair removal!


Disposable accessories for top hair removal!

  • cleanliness collars
  • hair removal strips
  • disposable spatulas
  • empty jars
  • thongs, briefs
  • cleaning product for your utensils (oils).

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  • Cleaner (500ml)

    Device cleaner. It is formulated to remove wax from all surfaces, including vinyl and plastic.

    Please note this spray must be kept out of reach of children and not be applied to the skin.

    Spray: 500ml


  • Collars for wax heaters by Fille au Pluriel

    Collerettes de propreté...

  • Bandes d'épilation EPIL' ADDICT

    Bandes d'épilation EPIL'...

    Pack of 100 100% cotton depilatory strips

    100% natural cotton hair removal strips for gentle strip hair removal

  • Plural 100 Girl Hair...

  • empty metal jar 800 ml

    Empty metal jar capacity...

    Empty metal jar capacity 800 ml

    with plastic lid for hermetic closure.

  • Disposable strings (bag of 50)

    Strings jetables (sachet de...

    Dispenser box of 50 disposable white strings (with pink lace) packed in 1 individual plastic bag.
    Diameter 65cm

  • Disposable briefs (bag of 50)

    Slips jetables (sachet de 50)

    Bag of 50 disposable white panties for women packed in individual plastic bag


    Women's Disposable Black Thongs

    Bags of 50 thongs

  • wooden facial spatulas

    Spatules bois pour visage...

    Box of 100 disposable beech wood spatulas

    specially designed for the face

    dimensions 11.4 x 0.9cm

  • wooden spatulas

    Wooden spatulas SPA204

  • Mini wooden spatulas for eyebrows

    Mini wooden spatulas for...

    Box of 100 mini disposable wooden spatulas for the face and mainly the eyebrows

    dimensions 14.0 x 0.6 cm