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Fille au Pluriel - Depilatory Wax Device - Wax Heater and Cartridge Heater

Wax heater

Discover the Fille au Pluriel selection of wax heaters and cartridge heaters

  • Chauffe-cire Pomme Blanc...

  • Collars for wax heaters by Fille au Pluriel

    Collerettes de propreté...

  • empty metal jar 800 ml

    Empty metal jar capacity...

    Empty metal jar capacity 800 ml

    with plastic lid for hermetic closure.

  • Wax heater cleaner

    Cleaner (500ml)

    Device cleaner. It is formulated to remove wax from all surfaces, including vinyl and plastic.

    Please note this spray must be kept out of reach of children and not be applied to the skin.

    Spray: 500ml